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  • Troll Lord

    Lost in the mists of time and history trolls and elves were once one race. They were magically split creating a stupid and brutish side with incredible health and regenerative abilities race, and a fragile but super intelligent, creative and magically …

  • Drow

    A subterranean race of evil elves with dark skin, recently exterminated by the [[Troöd]]s.

  • Troöd

    A race of reptilian-like bipeds with two distinct species, greens and grays. The greens are stealth soldiers with the ability to camouflage and minorly shape shift. The grays are users of magic and summoners of demons. They have recently committed …

  • Duegar

    A race of evil dwarves, recently exterminated by the [[Troöd]]s.

  • Grey Elf

    One of the four common races of elves. The most adept at magic, and socially arrogant.

  • Wood Elves

    One of the four common races of elves. They prefer a simple life that is intertwined with nature.

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