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  • Ez'rainia-fromton

    An ancient and aggressive Kingdom that once ruled an Empire that spanned most of the continent of [[Teurone]]. It was buried under the sands for thousands of years until [[Verl zen Luk]] found a way to free himself and his undead minions.

  • Everyway

    The largest city on the continent of [[Teurone]], situated in the center of the [[Everyway Plains]]. It is the largest of the [[Free City States]] of [[Everyway Plains]]. Originally a tent trade city that grew into a huge city over time.

  • Pantegeas

    A city in the northern portion of the [[Everyway Plains]] largely inhabited by wizards, mages, sorcerers and other users of arcane magics.

  • Humbrey

    A collection of small kingdoms in the northern portion of the [[Everyway Plains]] with a culture of knightly honor. Recently has fallen to turmoil and strife from within.

  • Corgune

    The small town was an idyllic place. Situated on a medium river, a main road, and just a few miles from the forest it had all the resources for which a growing community could wish. Dwarves, elves, halflings and other races were all welcomed. Trade …

  • Rugber-Whitley Estates

    East of the [[Rolling Mountains]] and north of the [[Great Desert]] and the [[Desert Crag]]s toward the rising sun is he town of mind mages known as Rugber-Whitley Estates. [[Cite the bard]] came from here before leaving on his journey. Feared by wizards, …

  • Cities

    [[Corgune]] [[Ez'rainia-fromton]] [[Everyway]] [[Free City States]] [[Humbrey]] [[Pantegeas]] [[Rugber-Whitley Estates]]

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