The Destiny Chronicles

July 1st, 2012
Journey to Chaos... and Ghrehdde

Hi. My name is Rod. And I am a silver haired halfling. It is only silver because I once saw a banshee, and now I am doomed to die a horrible death. It is inevitable. This log will be my account of the downward spiral of my final journey in death and despair. It can’t be helped.

It all started with the predictable raid on Corgune by slavers that killed hundreds of people, and enslaved twice as many… but no doubt they will suffer far more than any that died. I sat and watched as Content Not Found: durin told Nagorean about a lost dwarven gem called the Ruby of Kildak, and that his God, Jonath telling him that it was somewhere a few days travel to the north. The elf harangued the dwarf about knowing so little, but the next morning the dwarf told us his God spoke to him again, and shared the information, and the elf then spouted more stuff with a posture of pride, and it was agreed that we should proceed to certain death on a mission set upon our shoulders by an all powerful being, that can’t get its own gem. The whole time, Praedo sat and silently watched, seeming to almost be invisible.

Kilric showed up moments before we left, I am sure he was making funeral arrangements with his shamed mistress about his inevitable return in a wooden box. Unless dwarves prefer stone coffins. But I’m not carrying it, not that I could, because I will probably die first. We traveled north for two and a half days, through unending horror hidden by sunny skies and singing birds darting about white, fluffy clouds. It didn’t fool me, I knew things couldn’t end well.

We arrived and viewed a ravine with about eight or ten caves. And terrified, we fled back to a stream where we could wash the fevered terror from our skin. I was forced away, probably as bait, under the guise of finding a better hiding place from the impending horrific death that would soon descend upon us.

Just before dark, not wanting to leave the chance of dying to chance, we went back to the mouth of the ravine, like a bleating sheep sacrifice. We watched goblins come out of the lower left cave, then orcs from the middle right two caves, as kobolds crept out of the bottom right cave, hoping to stay hidden from the orcs. As we sat there, bickering and at each other’s throats, we heard the blood chilling call of gnolls, and we knew death could not be too far away. We fled in terror, hoping to find the orcs, and torture them into revealing something that might make our deaths swift.

We captured two, and learned the caves were riddled with bugbears, ogres, minotaurs, gnolls, orcs, kobolds, goblins, hobgoblins, undead, human cultists, and more. The elf then struck a deal with the green tainted demon of orcish descent, Ghrehdde, agreeing we would probably die throwing ourself on bugbear weapons, and if we did survive, we would give him the ears and help him become leader of his orc clan, and then probably kill us. And the two dwarves were enslaved by the elf, who seems to have some sort of magic as far as I can tell from watching him closely. I am pretty sure he is plotting to kill me.

Now we wait for tomorrow, when we will be lead into the maw of death itself to be devoured as an afternoon snack by the Bugbears.

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